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We are here to provide you the best service in website design and redevlopment. We are a small business but we work to a very high standard. We have three main aspects to our business, these are original wesite design, redesign of an existing site and also the maintanance of any of our sites. Our sites are designed alongside your ideas and specifications, which mean they are tailored to your needs.

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Here at KES web design we work with you, we aim to do this in two stages, stage one involves brain storming with you our client, to get your vision. What do you want from your website? We will take everything into consideration while making sure you are happy throughout the whole process. We will use your ideas and our knowledge to come up with the best website for your needs, ensuring that it meets your target audience.

Before we finalise and head to stage two an agreement will be reached to make sure you are completely satisfied with our plans. At this stage any changes or queries can be made as they may not be so easy to change at the development stage. This is to save any confusion at a later date, both parties will have copies of this agreement.


Moving on to stage two, this is the development of your website. Using the plans and our knowledge we start working towards your finished site. We hand code HTML5 adding CSS, JAVASCRIPT and all other requirements to get you the best responsive website we can. We use the best products to ensure a top quality website. Before handing you the finished product, we ensure that the website is responsive on all devices and as many browers as possible, also that you are 100% satisfied with your product.

After stage two you will have a complete website, which will mirror the original agreement. If at any point during the development stage there is a problem which arises with the design or we think we could better the design, you will be notified and a new agreement will be reached before any of these changes take place.

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  • Do you have a website?
  • Is your website looking dated and tired?
  • Is the information not relevent any longer?
  • Could your website do with a facelift, modernisation and brought back up to date?

If you said YES to any the above well its time to do something about it. KES Web Design can sort this for you, like getting a new site developed we will consult with you to find out whats going wrong with your website. We will take your vision and make it a reality with our knowledge we will come up with a plan to revamp your site and make it exactly what you want, to let it attract the audince it was aimed for.

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Once you have your website and it meets all your requirments, you will find that very quickly some information on your site can become dated or not relevent, or you simply have something new you want to share. Don't worry you don't have to design a new website and pay lots of money for a monthly fee we can take care of it all for you.

Even if KES Web Design didn't build your website and you have found yourself with a website and you don’t have a clue how to update it, DONT PANIC e-mail us and we will have a chat and try to come up with a suitable solution.

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